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The South Kolkata Riders Club was formed on 1st Jan 2018 by Mr. Shnehashis Karmakar & Monalisa Karmakar, a dynamic duo who are simply biker heads, a true adrenalin junkie, and are geeky in sense of exploring anything with a two-wheeler. They started this family with a handful of family members & friends with the hope of helping needy people in between their flourishing traffic lights and howling engine.

Today our family has flourished with more than 300 like-minded people who are passionate about biking, hangouts, and exploring the beautiful, weird and unexpected parts of India both on-road and off-road while maintaining the motto of the family. Come and join one of the best clubs in Kolkata where we enjoy motorcycles, music, and living life to the fullest. An exclusive community for all enthusiasts of biking. Bikerís paradise; where you can relish all things motorbike related and meet people who share the same interest! There’s nothing like touching, feeling, and experiencing the real world. You only live once so why not do it all? The ride never ends. Ever.

Founder and Co-Founder of SKRC

Shnehashis Karmakar

Founder, President

Monalisa Karmakar

Co-Founder, Secretary



Get In Touch

Get In Touch

Phone: (+91) 9830036452
Address: A32/7 Srijani M G Road Kolkata- 104
Email: southkolkataridersclub@gmail.com

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